YveYANG is honored to be invited by the POP-UP Gallery at OōEli to hold an exhibition, Every Day is a New Day, in Hangzhou this early summer. The exhibition will be held in the POP-UP Gallery on the 2nd floor of Building 16, OōEli, Hangzhou, from June 12, 2021, to July 11, 2021.

“POP-UP Gallery is an independent exhibition space of OōEli, with an exhibition area of about 600 square meters. The Gallery plans to invite a world-class contemporary art gallery each month to bring young artists' exhibitions and personal projects for local art lovers. Aiming to provide opportunities for artists and art lovers with more diverse perspectives, and stimulate their interest in the art collection.”

YveYANG, every day is a new day.

It is because,
YveYANG will present the most recent works of 6 artists for the exhibition, which includes:

Chando Ao 
In addition to the Mirror 4, which has been exhibited at X Museum, the artist will launch two new interactive installation works, Ao™ Daybed and Ao™ Pole Chair; and two special projects, Ao™ Shell and Ao™ x OōEli Topping Out T-shirts
Tim Enthoven
Enthoven will present oil paintings, drawing collages, and etching prints for the first time.
Sam Ghantous
Ghantous will reuse silicon wafers (a form of e-waste) to continue his @archmixes series, which similarly looks at the reuse of digital models of architecture found online. 
David OReilly 
Besides the Everything game, OReilly will have his first offline presenting of NFT works and Corona-virus film series. 
Bjorn Sparrman 
Further exploration of Sparrman’s series Dressage will be presented in the form of new silicone sculptures using his RLP 3d printing process.
Wang Ye 
This show will exclusively include Wang’s first complete series of Hunan embroidery works, which focuses on the countryside spectacles in China.

It is because,
YveYANG will introduce a brand new art institution, TCHA, at the exhibition. TCHA will release its first blockchain art work by artist Wang ChangcunThe Internet Is So Boring, 2021. The work draws three empty portraits staring at the phone screen in various lazy forms through three websites. These characters are composed of the hash value corresponding to the empty string. The conversation between YveYANG and TCHA will continue after this launch.

It is because,
YveYANG encourages artists to try new media and launch affordable works so that art lovers may more easily begin collecting art. Therefore, we have planned space in the exhibition - YveYANG 2 to display artists' works at different prices. These include a limited edition of copperplate etching prints signed by Tim Enthoven and Topping Out T-shirt designed by Chando Ao for OōEli. YveYANG 2 rejects simplex art derivatives because every price-friendly work we launch is a serious creation by artists, just like any other work in the exhibition.

It is because,
YveYANG collaborated with outtolunchers to produce a dialogue program, which will be presented in the exhibition and uploaded to bilibili and YouTube simultaneously. We connected and talked about art and art collecting during the epidemic by sharing some of our personal stories to provide a perspective for viewers who want to start collecting art.

Therefore, every day is a new day.

Special thanks to Shanghai J-ART Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. for supporting the exhibition installation.

Chando Ao 敖乾枥
Tim Enthoven
Sam Ghantous
David OReilly
Bjorn Sparrman
Wang Ye 王也
outtolunchers 外出午餐

TCHA (察) _ Wang Changcun 王长存




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