This exhibition is online only.
This exhibition is held on the day when protests for George Floyd are ongoing.
This exhibition is held in the year 2020 when Covid-19 changed how we live our lives.

We believe an online exhibition is the most convenient way for artists and galleries to engage the audiences and vice versa, now and in the future. Hence we will continue to present more online exhibitions.

In this solo exhibition "32112322222", artist Chando Ao presents his latest works, which were created at YveYANG's newly finished space. MOS Architects, a New York-based architectural studio, designed this space where Ao's photograph works were staged and taken. The photographs hunt the artist gaming, exercising, cooking, relaxing, and creating, while living in the unfurnished space throughout quarantine. The iPad drawings demonstrate Ao's concepts of his projects and his emotional status. These digital drawings are blueprints of Ao's practice, and allow him to visualize ideas and communicate with others.

Chando Ao (敖乾枥), Lives and works in the US and China. Ao is an artist and creative director at

Ao’s practice focuses on making machinery works that distribute sensory experience to its confronters. In experiencing a shared prelinguistic experience that the artist has created and directed, the audience simultaneously obtains a new connection to the existing world. Like learning a new language, it stimulates one's neural network and grows new synapses onto it.