Building upon the success of its previous guest curator programs, ASIA NOW has invited X Zhu-Nowell, Assistant Curator at the Guggenheim New York, to devise this year’s Curatorial Platform. Taking its title from the popular internet abbreviation IRL {In Real Life}, the Platform celebrates an emerging generation of artists who are digital natives and whose work critically engages with new media, issues of technology, and the challenges of contemporary art practice within our new sensorial environments.

Works included in the IRL {In Real Life} Platform approach the subject of digital media and technology through a broader conceptual lens, instead of the often conceived realm of technology as “cutting-edge”, “innovative”, or even “awe-inspiring”.

The IRL {In Real Life} Platform will be enacted in four sections, each of the sections referring to a different mode of interaction: Unboxing, Peer-to-Peer, Hyperlink, and Chat Room.

The practice of Chando Ao (b. 1990, China and US) focuses on making machinery works that distribute a sensory experience to its audience. In experiencing this unique sensation that the artist has created and directed, the audience simultaneously obtains a new connection to the existing world.

Wang Ye (b. 1991, China) works on multimedia and interdisciplinary projects that join together theory, practice, and form in an output characterized by a close engagement with allegorical narrative and the symbolic activation of images. Initially inspired by the history of image production and display, his work attempts to navigate and model the use of endlessly proliferated information and images.

VIP preview: Oct 15th, 2019