Immersive Opera at the Gallery: Orfeo × Euridice

6:45PM–7:30PM, 11.04.2016

Put on a mask and step into experimental opera at YveYANG Gallery on SoWa First Friday night.

Orfeo × Euridice is a redux and reimagining of the classic Greek story, for counter-tenor, soprano, cello, violin, and oboe, directed by artist and opera director Laine Rettmer and tied together through the composer John Alyward’s contemporary compositions. The plot loosely follows the pain and anguish of Orfeo as he travels to the underworld to find his recently deceased wife, Euridice. Orfeo has been told by the god of love - played by our oboist - that he cannot look back at Euridice lest he loses her forever, as they return to the earthly plane. This production focuses on the relationships between the powerful sonic forms of opera, theater, and music designed for Liao Fei’s installation, Perspective. We endeavor to activate the multiple physical perspectives of the show in order to evoke the intense emotional relationships between Orfeo and Euridice.

Opera Director: Laine Rettmer
Composer: John Alyward
Counter-tenor: Doug Dodson
Soprano: Asia Steward
Oboe: Matthew Mitcheltree
Violin: Yijun Jackie Huang
Cello: Nicolas Sterner

(Photographs by Chang Chang)